Blackcurrant Powder

Blackcurrant Powder

There are a number of ways to include blackcurrants in your diet, but the most convenient for an active person, including athletes who often need extra supplements and nutrition, is by the use of blackcurrant powder. Sports performance is often improved with the use of good nutrition & supplements.  


Blackcurrant powder is a convenient stable format that if carefully manufactured can preserve all the goodness of the original fruit, but allow for easy storage and transport at room temperature, and quick and easy use.


Whole Blackcurrants

Whole blackcurrants can be dried and milled into powder. This powder is not water soluble, but forms a slurry when mixed with liquids. This is a good format for smoothies and adding into food such as a breakfast cereals but generally not as useful as a blackcurrant powder that can be dissolved fully in water.

Blackcurrant Juice

The most versatile form of blackcurrant powder is dried blackcurrant juice. This gives a powder that is 100% water soluble that easily dissolves and is ideal to add into water in a drink bottle, smoothies and to add to breakfast cereals etc.  In most cases this powder has an added free flow agent to ensure the powder does not clump.  BlackMax® is an example of this type of powder.


Concentrated Powder

Finally, blackcurrant powder can be manufactured in a highly concentrated form that is a result of extracting the active components from the blackcurrants using a solvent such as ethanol or in some cases water.  The extracted liquid is then concentrated and dried to a powder.  This gives an extremely concentrated form of blackcurrants allowing some of the nutritional goodness of a serving of blackcurrants to be able to be put into a single capsule.