Blackcurrant Powder in Japan

Blackcurrant Powder in Japan

Currently I am in Japan learning more about the opportunities for New Zealand blackcurrant products.  While the Japanese commonly eat good quality fresh food including good sized helpings of fresh fruit and veges, they are also keen consumers of health products. Blackcurrants are a great source of nutrition. Our Blackmax blackcurrant powder is an easily dissolved blackcurrant supplement that can boost recovery. After America, Japan has the largest health product consumption per person by value. In most cases this is via functional foods and beverages rather than supplements as is common in the US and in NZ.   


Smoothies are all the rage here with smoothie bars all over the place usually using combinations of fresh fruit and fruit powders to whip up a healthy drink while you wait.


Their healthy eating, in spite of their hectic lifestyle, is probably the reason why the Japanese have very low rates of disease and have the longest life span of anybody in the world.  A good reminder that we are what we eat.  Can someone pass the sushi please…

Glenn Vile
Blackmax Founder

Matthew Gilling