The weekend warrior

The weekend warrior.  If you’re anything like me you have the best intentions of exercising regularly or playing sports throughout the week but - life happens.  Before you know it the weekend’s here and suddenly you’re hunting for your shorts that somehow have found their way under the bed.  And this is when it gets to be a challenge, because the temptation to perform, and the encouragement from your mates, is to pull on your shorts and go from zero to 100 miles an hour.  Experience has taught me that this does not work for my body, and probably does more harm than good.  A few things that help me to get the most out of my weekend blast include:

·       Making sure I am well hydrated and have consumed an appropriate level of fuel before I head off.

·       Starting gently, riding or jogging at a moderate pace to the start of the main ride/run.

·       Anything less than 60 mins of activity doesn’t require eating anything (or nutrition) during the activity, but you do need to drink about 500 – 750mls of water an hour depending on the intensity of the activity.

·       Finishing gently, riding/jogging back home at a moderate pace.


My theory is that if you go to bed feeling tired and happy, and wake up refreshed, happy and ready to do it all again then you have probably got it right.


BlackMax Performance Nutrition Founder

Glenn Vile