Whether racing, training or just out for a Sunday blast most of us aim to go faster or go further.  Researchers at the University of Chichester, UK, led by Professor Mark Willems, showed that NZ blackcurrant extract:

  • Increased the power output of a group of competitive cyclists by 3.6% (1).
  • Increased the speed these cyclists could achieve so that they were 44 secs quicker over a 16.1 km time trial (1).
  • Increased the distance to exhaustion a group of runners were able to complete by 10.6% (2).


These improvements in performance are likely to be because blackcurrant extract has been shown to:

  • Provide sustained energy release by improving the ability of the body to mobilise energy from fat.  Cyclists undertaking a 120 min cycling session at 65% VO2 max showed a 27% increase in fat oxidation (3). 
  • Improve blood flow to muscles (4).


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FasterGillian McLeod