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Our BlackMax® nutrition supplement is made in New Zealand from New Zealand blackcurrants. Rather than filling your body with random sports nutrition products, choose a scientifically formulated supplement that can boost your sports performance and recovery to the max!
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New Zealand blackcurrants contain naturally occurring anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are amazing molecules found in very high levels in New Zealand blackcurrants and have been shown to:

Increase power
Increase speed
Improve recovery by decreasing exercise-induced oxidative damage to muscles and increasing the removal of lactate from muscle cells

Maximize your


BlackMax® is a New Zealand powdered blackcurrant supplement scientifically formulated to maximize your performance through nutrition.  With so many sports nutrition products on the market it can be hard to choose which supplement is for you. The BlackMax® sports nutrition ingredients have been proven to:

Improve speed, performance and endurance
Reduce sports induced muscle damage
Provide sustained long term energy release

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Race Proven

Jake Marryatt:

Elite and U23 Champion, 2017 Calder Stewart Cycling Series

Ben Oliver:

2nd U23,  2018 UCI World MTB Championship, Stellenbosch, RSA

BlackMax® Performance Cycle Team:

Leading team after Round 1 of the 2018 Calder Stewart Cycling Series

Gary Moller: 

1st Masters, 2018 UCI World MTB Championship, Andorra

Felix Donnelly and Andrew Bidwell:

1st and KOM respectively, 2018 Vital Signs Tour de Lakes, Southland.

Mike Torckler:

3rd 2018 New Zealand Elite Road Nationals


Instant Beverage

Each 300g pouch of BlackMax® contains up to 30 servings of easily dissolving powder. Enough supplement to support your sporting endeavours for up to 1 month's increased performance. Sports nutrition is such a growth market that it has attracted many poorly researched supplements. Blackmax blackcurrant sports powder has had extensive research focused on maximum results - not on marketing.

Recommended dose:
Take the supplement daily by dissolving in 250ml of water or your favorite smoothie. Up to 80 kg body weight, 2 heaped teaspoons or 10 grams. Over 80kg body weight, 3 heaped teaspoons or 15 grams. Best taken 1 hour prior to sports training or competing for maximum performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q:  What makes BlackMax® sports powder different from other blackcurrant powders?

A:  BlackMax® blackcurrant sports powder quickly and completely dissolves in water.  This means that it is easy to make up and drink, and the anthocyanins in the powder are readily available to be rapidly taken up by your body.  Other blackcurrant powders are made from ground, dried blackcurrants that do not dissolve in water. These powders are difficult to prepare and drink and because the anthocyanins are bound into the skin and flesh of the dried blackcurrants the nutrients are not so easily absorbed by your body. Read more here…

2.  Q.  Can I take more than the recommended dose?

A.  The dose recommended is based on studies that show the optimum level of anthocyanins required to see a benefit in sport activities. BlackMax® powder has been standardized to deliver this optimum level performance at the recommended dose. There are no adverse effects as a result of exceeding the dose of the supplement, but it is unlikely you will experience a greater benefit or even more improved performance.

3.  Q:  What is in BlackMax®?

A:  BlackMax® is a sports supplement powder that contains powdered blackcurrant juice and maltodextrin to ensure the powder stays free flowing.  It has a level of anthyocyanins standardized to 120mg per two heaped teaspoons which is proven to be the optimum quantity for maximum performance no matter your sport.

4.  Q: What are the nutritional components of BlackMax®?

A:  Each teaspoon of BlackMax® blackcurrant nutrition supplement powder contains 81kJ of energy, 0.25g of protein and 0.05g of fat and 4.40g of carbohydrate including 2.00g of sugar.

5.  Q:  Where are the BlackMax® blackcurrants grown?

A:  The blackcurrants that are used for BlackMax® sports supplement are grown in New Zealand.  The unique environmental conditions in New Zealand, including the high solar UV levels, result in blackcurrants that have up to twice the levels of anthocyanins as blackcurrants grown in other parts of the world. Read more about NZ blackcurrants here



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