Jake Marryatt:  1st overall, 2017 Calder Stewart Cycle Series

"BlackMax® has been a great supplement to my nutrition.  It has aided my recovery in intense training periods and has greatly contributed to my overall performance and results on the bike. BlackMax® is a versatile product which mixes well and tastes great, I particularly like to use it in smoothies.  I would recommend BlackMax® to anyone interested in improving their sporting performance"






Kayla Imrie: NZ Canoe Sprint athlete, Rio Olympics, 2016

"BlackMax® has been amazing at taking my training to the next level. I take BlackMax® blackcurrant powder daily and have noticed a massive change in my performance and recovery. I have found since taking it I can perform at higher intensities for longer which has been key to building my endurance to push harder at the end of my race."





Ben Oliver: 2nd U23 2018 UCI World MTB Champs, Stellenbosch, RSA

"BlackMax® helps me push that little bit harder training and racing, the Black Currant powder tastes great so I enjoy taking it before sessions"









Gary Moller: 2nd Masters 2017 UCI World MTB Champs, Andorra





BlackMax® Nutrition Performance Cycle Team: 1st team after Round 1, Calder Stewart Cycle Series 2018.






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